Hello World!

Greetings and salutations to all my readers. I go by the pseudonym Nechinanga.* I am a staunch Pan Africanist and Nationalist. My political leaning the current Zimbabwean political landscape is pro-Zanu PF, though I am more committed to ideological ideas rather than political parties.

I am also a fan of debate and intellectual discourse, and it is from this backdrop that I’m motivated to write this blog. I have noticed a dearth in objective and intellectually stimulating material on Zimbabwean current affairs online. The landscape is currently dominated by clowns such as Baba jukwa and Psychology Maziwisa, who seem to be more interested in peddling rumours and hurling insults, than truly engaging Zimbabweans on issues that matter to us all.

I will be writing on the political dynamics in Zimbabwe, the recovery of the economy, geopolitical dynamics on the regional, continental and global stage, as well as responding to articles in other media.

I hope to engage Zimbabweans of all political persuasions in these discussions.


* – Nechinanga – Captain General of the army of Mutapa in the 18th Century; in the 19th Century it became the title of the Mutapa’s Chief Minister.  (A political history of Munhumutapa c 1400-1902 by S.I.G Mudenge)


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